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Today in this computer world the senior citizen or old age peoples likes breathes his last with peace and without pain. In most cases relatives are responsible for their painful end. Though senior citizen or old age people would have spent his entire life for the welfare of wife and children, none of them would like to shoulder his or her ageing ailment and uncomfortability in his last stage. Knowingly or unknowingly they would not unable to look after the unfortunate like to give a healing touch, affectionate service or soothing words during his or her last few days. Some may be thousands of miles away who want to be near or some may be near but elders giving priority to his own busy schedule. The entire support he received cannot be a reason for his presence as he could not recollect any of his duty at that moment, he will feel guilty when he could do no more service to his mentor.

The story repeats after few years for themselves which they do not realize.

Towards service to humanity “SAI CHARAN”" a best paid senior citizen home and old age homes in chennai and it would like to offer healing touch with affectionate service during the last few days and pray the almighty to give peaceful and satisfied end, so that his soul may rest in peace.

Your Co-operation in this humanity building exercise is welcome so that a concerted effort will be made to look after these unfortunate but nobel souls in their last days of journey.

Suggessions, help are welcome to create the trust more effective, so that an ounce of elders in the mighty unfortunate ocean of elders are benefitted.

We have 24/7 working staff and experienced nurses with us. They'll take care of all old age people or paid senior citizens here in our home. To begin with the home will be equipped with 50 beds for elders of normal health, serious patients and patients whom ICU equivalent atmosphere is required. Kitchenn with equipments will cater the daily diet for all the inmates. Staff Nurses will attend to the Patients as and when required. No medicines will be given except pain killer or equivalent.

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